Get Bigger Triceps with These Crazy Exercises

Get Massive, Muscular triceps with these scientifically developed, albeit crazy-looking, exercises!


The Tread Press is an isokinetic eccentric triceps exercise, while the isometric locked Pit Stain Press was inspired by the TV show Friends. [info below]

These are just a couple of the anatomically-developed exercises featured in the highly anticipated book Massive, Muscular Arms.

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The Tread Press (aka Treadmill Press) is an isokinetic exercise, but better yet, it offers isokinetic eccentric resistance to the triceps.

This allows you to tap into your maximum force potential for a stronger muscle stimulus. The goal is to attempt to perform a concentric – pushing toward the head of the treadmill – even though you’re being pushed back. This isn’t old school (so-called) eccentric training -it’s actually an eccentric overload (which you can’t get from gravity-based loads).

The Pit Stain Press is inspired by the TV show Friends, and offers a unique feel of triceps contraction. By maintaining an adducted externally rotated position of the shoulder and arm bone (humerus), a strong contraction of the long head of the triceps is felt.

This is referred to as an isometric locked position. It’s a great novel stimulus for all 3 heads of the triceps, but also gives a chest and back pump, which is an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Thanks to these featured individuals for the ongoing inspiration and insight:

  • Nick Clayton
  • Arron Burros
  • Dr. Jonathan Mike

After 30 years in the making, David 'Arm' Barr joined with the world's leading fitness publisher, Human Kinetics, to feature more than 75 exercises and hundreds of coaching and execution tips to make bigger arms your reality.

Massive Arms


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Thanks to Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification (PPSC) team, BIOFIT Performance, and these beautiful fitness models for the ongoing inspiration and insight:

  • David Otey
  • Dr. John Rusin
  • Nick Tumminello
  • Nick Nilsson
  • Dr. Jonathan Mike
  • Clifton Harski


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FAQ: Why have you been described as the Elon Musk of fitness?


It wasn’t an entirely flattering comparison, but like Elon Musk, in addition to the NASA-space connection, I have Asperger’s syndrome and the ‘unusual’ sense of humor that comes with it. Also like Elon, our results are achieved by applying the 2 benefits of Asperger’s:

-we think differently about solving problems*

-we do so obsessively

The result is a Massive upgrade to existing methods, along with new innovations to make your gains come faster.

*I even kick off Chapter 1 by quickly showing you the power that comes from reverse engineering a problem (aka Musk’s 'First Principles' approach), which you then get to apply using the rest of the book.

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