Massive, Muscular Arms: Scientifically Proven Strategies for Bigger Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms (ebook)

Massive, Muscular Arms: Scientifically Proven Strategies for Bigger Biceps, Triceps, and Forearms (ebook)

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Massive, Muscular Arms FAQ

Massive Muscular Arms

Is your training system better than all the others?

I love this question and can best explain with another:

Why anchor yourself to the ideas of one person, when you can apply the most effective insights from dozens of experts?

For this reason, I select the best of the best, from only the greatest industry leaders of the past three decades.

I weed through the garbage and select only the best training techniques and systems from the last 30 years, add my own flavor and blend until big. This integrated non-dogmatic approach gives you flexibility to try new things and custom tailor every component of your workout for the biggest gains.

So although I don’t call it a system, I provide you with more ‘tools’ for your training toolbox, and show you how to use each of them.


I’m new to training, can I use this book?


I’m an experienced lifter, can I still use this book?

This book is like a Disney movie; kids [training novices] will love it for one reason, and adults [training experienced] will enjoy it on a deeper level. Everyone takes away something different, but we all walk away happy'.

-K.Celoch, MS, MA, founder of



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Is the entire book just about arm training?

Not at all. Although I was able to develop new insights by taking a deep dive into the applied science of arm training [not unlike ‘The Glute Guy’ with his respective area], there are even bigger upgrades applicable to overall muscle growth and recovery.


Massive Muscular Arms (paperback)


Why do you mention so many experts in the book – is it a name-dropping thing?

‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ may be an overused quote, but I’ve had the privilege to learn from dozens of individuals over the past 20+ years, and wanted to acknowledge as many as I could (although it feels like only a handful).

This is especially important in the fitness industry, which is exceptionally self-centered. We can do better, and I want to lead by example.


I don’t have access to a lot of equipment, but can I still use this book?

Yes! In fact, Chapter 10 is entirely devoted to limited equipment training.


Do you cover Nutrition in the book?

At nearly 300 pages, there wasn't a lot of room to pack in more quality info. Although I touch on nutrition, the editors and I decided to save the bulk of nutrition insights for my most recent textbook contribution: NSCA's Nutrition Guide (Available Here!)

NSCA's Nutrition Guide

Did you really work at NASA?

Yes, this was a career highlight! I conduced muscle wasting research at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The experience was incredible, but more importantly, in Chapter 8 I show you how to use the result of that research to improve your own recovery.

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