Get a Bigger Chest and Arms With Barr Flyes

Access 200% more strength to get a bigger chest and arms

Barr Flyes (aka Barr Flys) use the isokinetic eccentric resistance of a common treadmill to access your maximal force potential.

This training innovation has implications for muscle size, strength, and by extension, fat loss. Although Barr Flyes are a chest movement (aka horizontal forced eccentric abduction - attempted concentric adduction) the concept can be extrapolated to get bigger biceps and triceps.

    This is just one training upgrade that is explored in the book Massive, Muscular Arms. After 30 years in the making, David 'Arm' Barr joined with the world's leading fitness publisher, Human Kinetics, to feature more than 75 exercises and hundreds of coaching and execution tips to make bigger arms your reality.

    Massive Arms


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    Credit to Clifton Harski and Nick Nilsson 'The Mad Scientist of Muscle' for helping to advance the field regarding the universally misunderstood concept of eccentric overload.


    🔎FAQs Q: What is isokinetic resistance?

    A: It's a type of resistance that moves at a preset constant speed, whether or not we're pushing against it.

    🔴Q: Your [sic] wrong. I do eccentrics all the time.

    A: I thought the same thing, so I get where you're coming from. Forced eccentrics occur when we are trying to move concentrically, but are being forced eccentrically.

    Any time we're 'lowering' a load, or fighting to slowly resist during the eccentric, it may feel hard, but it's not eccentric overload.

    To access our maximum force potential, we have to use a resistance that is much greater than any traditional concentric load. By using the isokinetic resistance of the treadmill, we can push concentrically but be forced eccentrically, thereby accessing maximal force potential.


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      FAQ: Why have you been described as the Elon Musk of fitness?

      It wasn’t an entirely flattering comparison, but like Elon Musk, in addition to the NASA-space connection, I have Asperger’s syndrome and the ‘unusual’ sense of humor that comes with it. Also like Elon, our results are achieved by applying the 2 benefits of Asperger’s:

      -we think differently about solving problems*

      -we do so obsessively

      The result is a Massive upgrade to existing methods, along with new innovations to make your gains come faster.

      *I even kick off Chapter 1 by quickly showing you the power that comes from reverse engineering a problem (aka Musk’s 'First Principles' approach), which you then get to apply using the rest of the book.

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