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3 surprising NEW Tips for Muscle Gain from the World Hypertrophy Science Conference - I haven't seen these tips for muscle growth anywhere else - don't be the LAST to use them!

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From the World Congress on Muscle Hypertrophy, which brings together the World's experts on muscle gain, atrophy, and muscle growth - these tips are delivered in an easy to APPLY format (otherwise, what's the point?).

We'll cover eccentric training and eccentric hypertrophy, diet and protein supplements for muscle gain (including protein, BCAAs, casein, etc.), as well as periodization for muscle growth. Sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy are also discussed, albeit briefly.

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Conference: ACSM 65th Annual Meeting, World Congress on Exercise is Medicine and World Congress on the Basic Science of Muscle Hypertrophy and Atrophy, Minneapolis, MN.

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David 'Arm' Barr, MSc., CSCS, PPSC



Three hypertrophy tips coming to you LIVE

from the World Congress on hypertrophy

you're not gonna wanna miss this this is

where the world's experts have come

together to give you the biggest bass

tips talking science and application I'm

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some better light behind me but we're

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today coming you from Minneapolis

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big up the world's experts there's some

stuff I've never heard anyone talk about

before let's get going your subscribers

stay tuned to the end we got the diet

and supplement it's for you this is key

for anyone who wants high perch B but

also anyone who wants fat loss so we'll

give you the update stay tuned for that

tip number one you may know that there's

two types of hypertrophy theoretically

sarcoplasmic myofibrillar it doesn't

really matter the details right now but

there may be a subtype of a ladder of

the Maya February all protein based high

perch peak what this means is that

there's eccentric and concentric based

type urge feet this means in terms of

practical application if you are trained

with concentric only and you probably

are even if you don't realize it I've

talked about this in other videos

you're training concentric only you are

missing out a huge growth potential

because you're missing on that eccentric

overload hypertrophy so how do you apply

this it doesn't mean doing eccentric

reps when you're already fatigued the

way most people do it get rid of that

doesn't matter we're talking eccentric

overload this is the way you're going to

get that eccentric hypertrophy I talked

about this other videos be sure to check

those out there's a series on it so we

will get into that as we learn more but

for now don't forget hit that concentric

hypertrophy get the 'center hypertrophy

we're starting to see if there's two

different types you got to take

advantage of both to get your maximum

hypertrophy here's a bonus tip for you

what about BCAAs

that's a big one well overall

unfortunately these days seem to not

work the research echoes that now if you

love BCA's not saying don't use them

because i have a video on three quick

tips for how to fix BCA's go into my own

lab research on muscle protein synthesis

this is going to be big information for

anyone who wants to maximize BCA's

because right now just dumping him into

a protein shake doesn't seem to do

anything so we have to fix that so we

fixed the BCA's I'll link to that in the

top right I'll link to it in the

description definitely check that one



tip number two

this is a huge mistake

that most people make still not periodizing

their programming still doing just

the same sets same rep scheme same

loading scheme all

Time World Congress I have perks we

really emphasized the need to period

eyes so you have periods of

hypertrophied than you have periods of

strength training so lower reps heavier


this type of heavier loading scheme is

going to cause maybe a little bit more

of that myofibrillar hypertrophy not

quite that eccentric hypertrophy it's

still concentrate based but you need to

mix up your program search stronger for

your next hypertrophy phase this is key

this is how you're going to have that

stepwise increase in adaptation growth

you're going to be able to recover

better after these phases it's going to

change the way that you train and the

way that you look and don't forget we're

not just talking hyper tree for the sake

of muscle growth this is also going to

lead to fat loss as well

remember lifting training is lean

training okay we're not just talking

muscle growth we're also talking fat

loss so overall body composition so the

key here is balance your strength phases

and your hypertrophy phases the strength

phases are actually going to facilitate

your growth during the high perch V

phases you're going to get bigger and

stronger together so don't skip out on

just because it's not direct hypertrophy

training ultimately in the long run it's

going to give you bigger gains that's

what you're after now real quick before

we jump into diet and supplements that

it's really hard to say I want to hear

from you what are the supplements that

you're using to facilitate your own

hypertrophy or using BCAAs, creatine,

protein powders, etc. let me know in the

comments below.

Okay tip number three:

this is the big one diet supplements the

big one everyone wants to know I can do

a whole other video on this there was so

much info but I'll give you the overview

right now you can use this the key here

is the diet is important but not if

you're going over . grams per kilo

protein per day it's not a ton of

protein it's more than most people are

getting but if you're our meathead like

me you're probably getting enough always

a good idea to consume the casein at

night you know have that slow protein

before you go to bed I have a whole

video on that if you need more check

that out I think that's going to be a

big one for you but for most people once

you hit that one point six grams per

kilo protein is not going to do much if

you have a high carb diet most people

have a high carb diet great for

facilitating training going to give me

that mental energy to just get through

the day but if you drop the

that's where you're going to need more

protein this is something I talked about

in another video especially facilitate

fat loss fat loss not coming directly

from a low carb diet that doesn't matter

if you love it

awesome do it just do it not a big deal

it's not bad but know that if you are

dropping your cows dropping your carbs

you're going to need more protein your

body's going to pull them through it

something called gluconeogenesis don't

need to worry about the biochemical

details right now we can get into that

in other videos if you want let me know

but for this one . grams per kilos the

dose you want to maximize hypertrophy

obviously you have your timing make sure

you're not protein fasted so again have

that Casey at night that's a big one but

otherwise . grams for high carb if

you're going low carb low calorie trying

to just draw a body fat you're going to

you need to increase the protein a

little bit more of course if you are

trying to draw a body fat you're

probably not just looking to maximally

increase high perch me yes they are

facilitated I think we really need to

get away from the idea that cardio

training is going to be your lean

training no lifting is lean training

this is something we really need to get

out there it's going to change the way

people look at fat loss training I

talked about fat loss in another video

be sure to check that one out but for

now lean training lifting training get

the word out we need to get rid of this

cardio stuff you should be doing cardio

anyway great for your health of course

but it's not the best way to burn fat

burn fat is going to come through your

muscle going to come through that extra

energy that you're burning throughout

the day it's not about what you burn in

that hour of cardio okay that's

ridiculous we need to destroy that myth

I talked about this in another video be

sure to check that out

optimizing your body composition this is

something you're going to want to know

it's three tips for optimizing fat loss

muscle growth that kind of thing and

it's a scientific based but applied

approach okay that's the key I always

want this to be applied for you

something you can pick up use right away

yourself your clients your athletes

whatever it is applicability is the key

so in terms of application what do you

do well you need to mix up your training

you need to get that these centric ovolo

overload and the concentric overload

right now again you are training concentrically

even if you don't realize it

yes you might be trying to Train

eccentric when you're fatigued that's

not what we're talking about

about heavy eccentric overload there's a

way to work up to that again check out

those videos I'll link to it in the

description and in the top right but the

key is to hit both heavy eccentric and

concentric aside from the bigger picture

sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar

hypertrophy talk about that in other

videos I'll be sure link to those in the

description and the top right plenty of

information out there so what does that

mean again mix up period eyes your

program that's second tip right so we

have strength phases and hypertrophy

phases why you want to do a strength

phase with lower reps longer rest

periods it's going to facilitate your

hypertrophy gains okay that is key don't

forget that a lot of people skip it I

wish I had known about this when I was

younger but it's one of those things if

you could start this right away you're

going to have not only greater strength

but greater overall hypertrophy

so mix it up, periodize strength and

hypertrophy and you're going to

ultimately have greater gains part

number three was died supplement at

night with your casein or slow protein

whatever you want to do it's not

direct recommendation

I am simply reviewing what was discussed

again there's a video about that late

too that in the top right and the

description about the casein overall

protein intake doesn't seem to benefit

for people who are consuming you caloric

or higher caloric diets strictly going

for hypertrophy . grams per kilo a day

seems to be where we top out doesn't

really matter in terms of timing other

than you don't want to be protein fasted

for the most part you want to be carved

up for your workouts so if you are

dropping your carbs dropping your Cal's

that's totally cool dropping carbs isn't

going to specifically facilitate

hypertrophy or fat loss not a big deal

if you love it just keep doing it that's

great that you love it but if you are

going for maximal hypertrophy . grams

plus a higher calorie diet is the way to

do it if you are dropping your Cals you

need to increase your protein intake

your body's going to be burning through

your actual body protein it's going to

be burning through the protein that you

ingest so you need to go above that .

grams per kilo I'm getting so excited

I'm losing my voice over this I've been

yelling for a while but these are the

key tips okay so you got your diet you

got your training got your different

intra workout tips

got your extra workout tips your

programming your long-term programming

all of this is going to ultimately

facilitate high perch me but I mean

there's so much info here I could just

keep going if my voice could hold out we

are going to cover this in future videos

so stay tuned be sure to check out the

videos in the links description so

here's your next steps for maximizing

your hypertrophy and fat loss so firstly

you're going to want to make sure you're

doing the eccentric and concentric ring

together right now you're doing

concentric only whether or not you

realize it talked about that in other

videos and this is key I will link to

another video this is a key handoff be

sure to check out this video about

maximizing your eccentric potential

there's a lecture I did on this there's

an eccentric training series you're

going to want to activate this type of

hypertrophy cuz right now you're missing

out huge potential it's not negative you

have a huge adaptive potential that you

are just waiting to hack this is why

you're going to want to check out that

next video I'll link to it in the top

right and in the description no question

that is the next step for you thanks for

watching I'm David Barr until next time

Raise the Barr

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