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This Changes Everything: the FAST Fat Loss Workout Tip that changes the way we look at fat burning workouts – and it happens in under 3 minutes - don't miss out!

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Straight from the NSCA Personal Trainers Conference in Baltimore MD, this fast fat loss workout tip offers a paradigm shift for fat burning workouts.

WHO: This tip applies to athletes, bodybuilders, strength coaches, and anyone who wants to lose fat - the common thread is strength training.

WHEN: It can be applied right away.

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David 'Arm' Barr, MSc., CSCS, PPSC

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Rapidfire [fast] fat loss tip - this is key

coming to you live from Baltimore Maryland, NSCA

Personal Trainers Conference

this is awesome, do not miss this rapid

fire fat burning tip -this experience

starting right now!

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Today coming to you live

from the NSCA Personal Trainers

Conference key fat loss tip this is HUGE!

We talked about pendulums we talked

about people going from one extreme to

the next

right now the fat loss pendulum has been

stuck at cardio I don't know why think

people like to see fat loss without

really realizing its overall caloric

deficit that matters -hour overall

caloric deficit that is what you're

after not about a little bit fat burning

that happens when you're doing low

intensity cardio that doesn't matter I'm

not saying don't do cardio yes it's

important for fat loss

I'm not saying stop do cardio that's

gonna get me in trouble but don't stop

it but focus on resistance training it's

the resistance train that's going to

affect on the muscle growth and by

extension fat loss because I'm starting

the muscle once we hit that caloric

deficit do not want that we have to hit

the muscle growth in order to get the

fat loss even if we don't think of it

that way we have to have a paradigm

shift and understand that the muscle is

our metabolic machine once our machine

starts to shut down as we lose muscle we

start to drop our -hour

or deficit do not let that happen I keep

in mind when you do that cardio in a low

intensity yeah you might be a

fat-burning zone but a lot of that fat

comes from what's already in your blood

and from muscle in addition to other

places like adipose so people on it's

not directly coming from your love

handles or but whatever it is a lot of

it's coming from your blood and muscle

and it's all not a lot of calories so

-hour full our deficit this is what

you need to focus on for bad life real

quick I want to hear from you what

techniques are using to optimize fat

loss Are you doing a lot of cardio, or you

fasted cardio, or more resistance, more

resistance training, more strength

training? Let me know in the comments

below I really want to hear about it

so there's your rapid fire back learning

tip from the NSCA personal trainer

conference with Baltimore Maryland this

has been an awesome experience -learned a

lot - ready to share it so thanks for

watching I'm David Barr until next time, Raise the Barr

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