Personalized Goal Setting for Bigger Arms - Quick Tip

David Arm Barr age 45

ARM YOURSELF – personalize your motivation by setting physique/performance goals for your own birthday.

You may find this ongoing, custom-tailored approach FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than traditional year-end goal setting. You’re not necessarily going for PR’s or public announcements – just pick SMART goals that work for you and have fun with it!

Learned from: Dr. John Berardi, Coach Scott Caulfield, and 'the Godfather of Strength & Conditioning' Coach Boyd Epley.

BONUS: Experience lacks value in the physique world, until we acquire some of it ourselves. The sooner we come to appreciate those with time under the bar*, the better our #longtermgains and #healthspan

Although not a requirement [due to obligate limits], it helps if experienced individuals still walk the walk. This is why I want to acknowledge, and recommend that you check out, those who continue to teach and inspire me: Anthony Almada, Dr. Chris Lockwood, David Sandler, Rick Collins, and Roger Earle.

Who I’m Wearing: Thanks to the originator of #oldmanstrength Coach Louie Simmons for the appropriately themed shirt (AND the inspiration), provided during a visit to Westside Barbell

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