Creatine vs. Preworkout SOLVED


FAST FAQ: Creatine or pre workout supplements for fat loss and muscle gain – what’s better? SOLVED.

This one pops up a lot but it’s not a complicated answer. Even from a financial perspective, asking should I buy creatine or pre workout may be a fundamentally incorrect premise!

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NOTE: Although I am a dual certified sports nutritionist I do not make prescriptions or recommendations. This is just what I use with my clients and athletes, so although people ask should I take creatine or pre workout, or which is best between the two, I am not telling you what to do.

GOAL: To empower you with the best information with which to make a decision.

KEY Disclosure: I do not sell supplements and have no conflict of interest.

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Creatine or pre workout -that's the

question -I'm gonna answer it starting

right now! What's is going on my name is

David Barr. If you're looking to get bigger

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Today's FAQ creatine or pre workout

-that's a big question a lot of people

want to know this one simple answer is

going to be both and I'm not cheating on

this one because you can take your

creatine in pre workout -creatine monohydrate

is one of the cheapest most

effective supplements we know of, it's

something I think everybody's healthy

should be using and certainly people who

are not healthy but that's a whole other

discussion I am NOT making

recommendations on this one this is just

what the general science shows. okay so

why am I not cheating with that answer

well the idea is that pre-workout

ingredients often include creatine in it so

you can have different ingredients like

the creatine, the tyrosine that's often in

pre workouts the caffeine and just blend

it yourself -there's not a secret

ingredient in a pre-workout product

that's going to make your workout

incredible it's really just caffeine and

occasionally tyrosine. We can use tyrosine

by itself you can actually control the

dosage a little better so you know what

you're getting so that's why when we

talk pre-workout or creatine well I

mean pre-workout really just caffeine

and tyrosine throwing some creatine is

go and have an awesome effect

I'm dual certified sports nutritionist [CISSN, Pn-1]

by I'm not making recommendations this

is just what I use myself and with my

clients and athletes so if you're

wondering what the hell is tyrosine well

I have another video on that how to use

a pre-workout how to optimize your

workout get a better workout more

stimulus for muscle growth fat loss that

kind of thing also if yours in creatine

three tips you need to know to optimize

your creatine supplementation talk about

my research at NASA Johnson Space Center

cool stuff don't miss that one I'll link

to that in the top right hand in the

description so you have your marching

orders tyrosine created videos check

those out those are your next steps so

creatine or pre workout? Well the

answer can be both as long as you're

doing it yourself.

Thanks for watching

I'm David Barr until next time, Raise the Barr

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