3 NEW Recovery Tips for Bigger Arms

3 NEW Recovery Tips

Get better recovery-adaptation with applicable science-based tips.

I'll share my NASA research related to CNS recovery and how you can apply it for bigger arms (or whatever it is you're after).

This is the level of innovation I share in the book Massive, Muscular Arms, published by the world's leading fitness publisher, Human Kinetics.

I also share the whey protein supplement recovery technique that I developed over a decade ago, and has since been validated by independent peer-reviewed research. It's called protein pulse feeding, and it's a simple but effective way to get bigger arms. Hint: your muscle protein synthesis is about to be upgraded.

Sleep for recovery is a big issue, but there's a fundamental perception that's holding us back. You'll see how to fix this for better sleep, better recovery, and bigger gains.

Parasympathetic breathing is another great way to facilitate CNS recovery through the PNS. It's something I use every day, and recommend that you take advantage of it too.

Note: In many cases you probably don't want recovery - you want adaptation. To get bigger, faster, stronger, get leaner, go longer.

These new recovery tips are revealed in this clip from the Iron Radio podcast - which might be THE original strength science podcast. Thanks to the hosts:

-Dr. Lonnie Lowery

-Dr. Mike T. Nelson (of FlexDiet.com)

-Phil Stephens (of StrengthGuild.com)

Thanks to Dr. John Rusin of the PPSC for fully developing the CNS recovery technique through parasympathetic breathing.




FAQ: Why have you been described as the Elon Musk of fitness?

It wasn’t an entirely flattering comparison, but like Elon Musk, in addition to the NASA-space connection, I have Asperger’s syndrome and the ‘unusual’ sense of humor that comes with it. Also like Elon, our results are achieved by applying the 2 benefits of Asperger’s:

-we think differently about solving problems*

-we do so obsessively

The result is a Massive upgrade to existing methods, along with new innovations to make your gains come faster.

*I even kick off Chapter 1 by quickly showing you the power that comes from reverse engineering a problem (aka Musk’s 'First Principles' approach), which you then get to apply using the rest of the book.

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